Feeding Our Relatives - Beyond The Return

Providing hope.

What Happens at #FORGhana?

  • Healthy Meals and Fresh Produce
  • Medical Screenings (HIV, STD, Glucose, Diabetes, BPM)
  • Medicine Consultation and Prescription Assistance
  • Grooming Services
  • One-On-One Case Management
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Survival Tactics Workshop
  • Substance Abuse Awareness
  • Health Screenings and Education
  • Emergency Clothing and Blankets
  • Personal Care and Hygiene Supplies
  • Identification
  • Healthcare assistance

Beyond The Return: A Better Ghana for All

It’s the year Beyond The Return and the Distant Relatives Project is calling on you, the diaspora, to help us empower the people of Tema, Accra-Ghana.

The DRP will be hosting it’s annual Feeding Our Relatives initiative at Tema Community 1, Site 2 Park.

We’re inviting our African family, in Ghana and abroad, to come contribute to an uplifting event that celebrates the cumulative resilience of all the victims of the slave trade who were scattered and displaced through the world in the America’s, the Caribbean and Europe. 

The DRP will be providing various services and programs including health screenings and education, school supply distribution, grooming services, hot food and more! We’re looking for teachers, licensed healthcare professionals, barbers, or maybe you just want to give back! Sign up to volunteer now!

It takes one to make a difference.

Register for #FORghana now!