20,000 people in Seva, Volta, Ghana lack access to clean drinking water. In the same community where we built a school, our goal is to build a well for our Relatives, as a sustainable source of clean drinking water. This means improved healthcare, education, and productivity.

In 2021, our goal is to expand our Feeding Our Relatives program to multiple cities across the United States including Los Angeles, Houston, Philadelphia, and Dallas. This means more impact and more access to fundamental healthcare for our Relatives.


It’s #GivingTuesday and the Distant Relatives Project needs your support to help us continue to lead underserved communities on a path to self-sustainability.

Since last #GivingTuesday your financial support has led to life changing impact.

We were able to take our Feeding Our Relatives program overseas to Jamestown-Accra, Ghana. YOU made sure that this underserved community of 1,000+ received food, toiletries, school supplies, and access to fundamental healthcare.

You all also helped us optimize a nursing home for the elderly in Nazret, Ethiopia. This included a donation of medical, school, and cleaning supplies. Your support went a step further and allowed us to install plumbing, water lines, a sink, toilet, washing machine, and dryer.

And even during a global pandemic, you all still made a way. You helped us extend support to Washington D.C.’s displaced community, where we were able to distribute 4,000 facemasks to the more-at-risk and vulnerable populations.

This support extended over seas and greatly helped the medical professionals at Black Lion Hospital. Your giving led to the provisioning of 5,000 pieces of PPE including Biohazard Suits and Medical Face shields, at a time where the world was facing scarcity.

We need your help raising $20,000 in order to increase our impact and continue to engage with the communities we have committed to developing. This includes building a water well as a sustainable source of clean drinking water, expanding our Feeding Our Relatives program across the United States, and improving access to fundamental healthcare around the world.

Make a pledge to impact humanity by donating at Distant-Relatives.Org/Give