The Distant Relatives Project Healthcare  (DRPH) Team is committed to increasing access to fundamental health services and achieving healthy equity in underserved communities.


To increase access to fundamental health services and reduce health disparities in underserved communities through medical partnerships, education programs, and local health fairs.


The DRPH seeks to promote healthcare sustainability and health equity in underserved communities in Africa, the Caribbean islands, and the United States.



The DRPH team consists of four committees that collectively come together with the mission of health equity in underserved communities. Each committee focuses on primary deficient areas in healthcare to positively impact the health outcomes of people living in underserved communities.

Community Wellness Committee

Focuses on establishing partnerships with health professional groups and mobile clinics to provide comprehensive care during health fairs.

Public Health and Policy Committee

 Focuses on advocacy, education, and grant-writing to identify and address public health crisis affecting the underserved communities in which we serve.

Health Administration Committee

Focuses on case management and medication access indicatives to identify and reduce challenges that underserved patients face when seeking healthcare

Mental Health Committee

Focuses on education, advocacy, and partnerships to break down barriers and eliminate stigmas associated with mental illness.


Annually, the DRPH plans and executes several health fairs in the United States as well as internationally. These fairs are typically in conjunction with our Feeding Our Relatives programs, which allows our community to experience support from each of our core pillars. Health fairs provide comprehensive health services including but not limited to:

HIV/STD screenings

Diabetes and Blood Pressure monitoring

Glucose monitoring

Oral Health Screenings

Hepatititis A/B screening

Mental Health and Substance abuse awareness


As a nonprofit organization that strongly believes in action, we collaborate with healthcare professionals in order to educate and build awareness around topics affecting the individuals that we have committed to serve. Our goal is to bring together bright minds in the spirit of humanitarianism to foster learning, inspire, and provoke conversations that matter.

healthcare International Outreach

Ethiopia COVID-19 Response

Volunteer Opportunities


Our campaign focuses on addressing health issues that are timely and relevant to the populations that we serve. Our initiatives are usually in conjunction with national or international health initiatives set by the international health community. Campaigns are also impacted by timely initiatives such as the COVID-19 global pandemic.