It Started With The

Urge To Help

The project was established in 2017 by William Asiedu after a personal return trip to Ghana. The  vision was to create an outlet for the public to give back to the community in a manner that results in life changing impact; while connecting the diaspora to Africa through fellowship. The personal dream was to be the driving force of change in Ghana. In December 2017, the project was birthed after William visited his mother’s hometown, Akim Oda, to make an honest donation. Distant Relatives donated school supplies, clothing, toiletries, and computers, to over 8000 students at Chia Methodist Primary School A and B, located in the Eastern Region. In that same visit we provided medical supplies and equipment to 8 hospitals across the region. Finally, we raised enough money to renovate Seva AME Zion Primary school, and built a computer lab and library. This trip revealed our ability to drastically impact communities and create significant change in the lives of people. With the help of family and friends, we created a team of individuals who are passionate about helping those in desperate need and have a heart to serve other people.

The Distant Relatives Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in the Washington D.C metropolitan area. Our mission is based on the commitment to underserved communities around the world; by creating opportunity and access to resources. This is performed through a series of community outreach and engagement. ​

Our target audience quickly evolved into international affairs as friends were inspired and projects were coordinated in their native countries. Through the promotion of modern education, health awareness and safe practices, as well as access to resources; we aim to bring opportunity and empower underserved communities around the world.