Helping Our Relatives In Need
For a few pennies a day, you could change the life of a child.  Your donation will help school-aged children get access to education and technology.
Our Reaching Our Relatives program provides supplies, infrastructure and services to schools in third world countries.
Our Feeding Our Relatives program in DC feeds 200+ homeless individuals every last Saturday of each month. Your support today will help eliminate the poverty rate in Washington D.C. 
The power of influence has allowed us the opportunity to act as a hub, where individuals donate resources to help people around the world who are in need and/or lack opportunity. All of our initiatives are currently funded by the board of The Distant Relatives Project.

Our focus is primarily on school-aged children and their learning facilities. In many third world countries, children lack the necessary resources in order to be successful in their educational journey.  We are committed to providing  school supplies, infrastructure, and also under take renovation activites in order to create a positive learning atmosphere.

The Distant Relatives Project also donates soccer goal post, school supplies, and clothing to orphanages in Ghana. These children usually lack not only resources, but also companionship. We want to help each youth to experience a normal child hood, and have the exposure to certain resources that every child should have.

Distant Relatives provides medical instruments and supplies to hospitals that lack the necessary equipment and resources that constitute an efficient medical facility. Last year we donated medical beds, canes, walkers, menstrual pads, gloves, condoms, adult diapers, baby diapers, and hand sanitizer to 8 hospitals in the Ofoase-Ayirebi constituency, in the Eastern Region of Ghana.